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Glitterati Glamour

So my name is Bri, but let's just call me Glitterati shall we? I am a 22 year old licensed cosmetologist living in Chicago with my fur baby Dash. I am also a former regional educator who specialized in teaching cosmetologists/cosmetology students a hair extensions certification course or an airbrush makeup course. I live and breathe all things beauty and being able to teach others tips, tricks, and skills that could change their lives is my passion. Many of my former students supported me when I moved my platform online to be Glitterati Glamour, and subsequently became the first members of my Glam Fam! 

I do approach my pieces from an educational standpoint as I want to teach the reasoning behind why you should use that product or this technique. I like to think I am the beauty equivalent of "teaching a man to fish" instead of "giving a man a fish." Instead of giving you a skincare regimen, I want to teach you the science and ingredients behind being able to make your own. Anyone can follow a specific makeup tutorial and get 1 look, I want to help you be able to create the looks you imagine yourself. 

You can read all about my life story and beauty journey on my About Me page. 

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