About Me:


My name is Bri and I am a Licensed Cosmetologist and Professional Makeup Artist. I have had advanced training with James Vincent, Eve Pearl, Sutan Amrull, and Lori Taylor-Davis. Also received special training in Kryolan Makeup. Makeup is my passion and I hope to help anyone along the way in their makeup journey.  



So I have been a licensed Cosmetologist for a few years now but an avid makeup lover for even longer than that. When I was a little girl growing up in Spain, and those kid makeup kits distant relatives would always buy you, my mom would always encourage me to “put more on! put more on!” She later told me she only said that so I would use it up faster, but the need for dramatic makeup looks has stayed with me to this day. 

Middle school was really tough for me. I was already struggling with depression and an eating disorder that would dominate my life for the next 10 years. Because I didn’t have much confidence I turned to makeup. I know it’s frowned upon for kids that young to be wearing much makeup but as always my family was supportive and let me do what I enjoyed. So instead of clumpy mascara and too much bronzer like the other girls, I was doing statement eyes with the top liner in a fashion color and the bottom with either black or nothing at all. Many adults were impressed by my skills at that point. To me makeup was just something that made me feel better at the time. A way to standout when I felt invisible. 

Fast forward all these years I am now 21 and I’ve managed to make a career out of this passion I’ve had my entire life. I was an educator for a hair extensions and airbrush makeup company and so I feel the need to educate anyone who is wanting to improve their skills. I will be writing more so from an educational side of things. After learning the science behind all of this and color theory, one just can’t go back to applying with fingers.

Some articles I write might be things you’ve never heard of, or they might be basic and redundant to you. Everyone is at a different place in their makeup journey. I want to share with you guys so you don’t have to spend the $20,000+ to go to one of the best beauty schools in the country, so you don’t have to spend countless hours doing continuing education and advanced training. 


I’m  not sure if i will be like other beauty bloggers at all. When I first thought of doing this I was actually intimidated because even though I do this for a living, beauty blogging has become it’s own career path for some. I’ve never fit the mold of blending in. It’s been a process of learning to embrace my differences and loving myself regardless. I am going to carve my own path and find my own voice.

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