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Helping Artists Create Custom Palettes

Makeup Geek is one of my absolute favorite makeup companies. They have a variety of products such as Makeup Brushes, Z - Palettes, Blushes, Concealers, Lip Glosses, Lipstick, Lip Liners, Brow Products, False Lashes, Eye Liners, Eye Primers, Eyeshadow, Pencils Pigments, Glitters, and most of all their famous Eye Shadows!


Eye shadow palettes are great, they combine multiple shadows that generally compliment each other and are all in one convenient place. My problem with most pre-made palettes are that because one size doesn’t fit all, and the colors are just a generalization of shades that will flatter as many skin tones as possible for maximum sales, there are always colors that I never touch. Or there are colors I can’t pull off or simply just don’t like. When it comes to pre-mades, we decide to purchase them based off of a few specific shades we are drawn to. The others we just ignore or accept, because for the most part, the palette has colors you want. Now your palette collection keeps building, and building, and inside each one sits unwanted and never been used shades. I think that is a waste, and you have better options.


Makeup Artist all have custom Z-Palettes as the heart of their kits. It’s not a secret, Z-Palettes are one of the best purchases when building your kit. The reason for this being is they are a completely blank slate, perfect for you to custom create exactly what you want (No unwanted shades here.) A Z-Palette is just an empty magnetic based palette with a clear window to see what’s inside. You then purchase single eyeshadow pans of your choosing to fill it with. The single pans have a metal base so they stick to the base firmly, but can still be either removed or rearranged. Other products also available to place in the palette are blush and bronzer pans.


Many companies offer single eyeshadow pans, and even more offer just eyeshadow. The size of Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans are slightly bigger than the other brands single pans on the market, meaning more product for you! Also, the quality of Makeup Geek shadows consistently outshines my other shadows. In my makeup collection, I own all of the shadows and palettes found from well known companies you can buy at Sephora. I am not talking about it out lasting and being more pigmented than drug store or dollar store quality shadows. I am talking about it being significantly more pigmented, having a higher staying power, and even a larger variety of colors, shades, and finishes than the leading brands on the market today. I believe Makeup Geek eyeshadows are an absolute must have for any makeup user.


Not only will you save money in the long run (by not continuing to purchase entire palettes for the sake of 3 colors you want in it,) but their prices are unbeatable. For a single Makeup Geek Eyeshadow pan it is $6. Most other brands single shadow pans range anywhere from $12- $25 on average per pan, and even more than that for specialty finishes and shades. Like I said before, the pans are significantly larger than your average pan; but  single shadow pans themselves are also bigger than the shadow sizes in a pre-made palettes. Makeup Geek gives you the opportunity and freedom to not only be able to custom create with the exact colors you want, but to also be able to afford such an investment that was once reserved only for professional makeup artists.


Lastly, every single Makeup Geek product is swatched on skin, many times multiple pictures for each different skin tone, with similar colors surrounding it. This is so helpful because many times shades do not look like they do in the pan once applied. With these swatch photos on each product page, you can get a clear idea of the pigmentation, finish, and how it will look on yourself. 



Z Palette Filled With MUG Eye Shadow Pans