I use 6 different methods of hair extensions depending on your needs Both permanent and temporary.


I will design a website for your business, blog, or wedding. Different packages available.




Whether you are a beginner or an expert at makeup, I will custom tailor the lesson to your needs.



Let's go shopping! Do you need to be styled for a special event? Need a new stylish and flattering wardrobe?


*Glitterati Glamour has the right to refuse service. Unless otherwise discussed, payment is due at time of service. Failure to pay will result in theft of services charges against you. Hair Extensions require a consultation, as well as a 50% down payment during the consultation and the other 50% during aplication service. Services that cannot be completed over the phone, email, or skype and must be in person are limited to the Chicago area. If travel is required,those travel fees will be added to your total. No checks accepted.




Introduction To Makeup:

A brief introduction to makeup for beginners. In this lesson we will go over each type of product and how to use them. You will learn how to choose between liquid, pressed powder, mineral powders, and cream foundations. You will learn how to apply your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and blush in a flattering look for your face. You will learn which shades flatter your skin tone, what products work best with you, and how to accentuate your favorite features.

"My Teen Wants To Wear Makeup"

This package is ideal for young teens who want to start wearing makeup. I will teach them how to apply age appropriate looks. I will go over basic eyeliner application, curling lashes and applying mascara, light eyeshadow looks, subtle cheek color, and a tinted lip. Will also determine which products to purchase for their very first makeup kit. Gone are the days are them experimenting with unflattering bright blue eyeshadows, too much eyeliner, and heavy bronzer. This lesson will ease them into the world of makeup.

Finer Points:

This lesson will be focusing on mastering that advanced makeup technique you just can’t seem to get. You can choose between Winged Liner, Contouring, Applying False Lashes, Creating a Cut Crease Eyeshadow, Smokey Eyeshadow, Strobing, Concealing Acne and Blemishes, or any other makeup process you just can’t seem to master. These lessons will be 100% custom tailored to you and your needs.

Building Your Kit:

This lesson is for anyone no matter what their skill level. In this private lesson I will determine which products you should get to stock your kit. This lesson can be custom tailored to what kind of kit you want to build. You can have your basic starter kit for everyday personal use makeup. You can have a new glam bombshell kit. You can have a professional makeup artistry kit to use on clients (this must be separate from your personal kit and kept sanitary.) I can even help you develop a special fx kit that can be used for movies, tv shows, halloween, and theater makeup.

Additional Information

  • Lessons are all 100% custom tailored to you. No two lessons are the same. 
  • You will fill out a questionare beforehand so I may determine what you're looking for, your needs, coloring, lifestyle, skin type, and current regiment.
  • Lessons not in the Chicago area will be completed over the phone, email, and skype.



From as little as getting styled for an event, to as big as building a brand new wardrobe.  You will send in measurements, as well as 2 full body photos (front and back,) and fill out a questionnaire to determine your fashion needs. I will help get you in clothes you are comfortable and confident in. Reward yourself to a new wardrobe after losing weight. be the best dressed at that wedding coming up. jazz up your current wardrobe with accessories.

Personal Styling is available for anyone of all ages for men, women, and everyone in between.


website design


The Face Lift

Already have a website and want to take it to the next level with a face lift? This package includes:
About Page Design
Contact Page Design
Home Page Re Design
Social Media Buttons
Menu or Side Bar Design 


The Blogger

Want to become a Blogger? This package includes:
Blog Implentation/Set Up
Complete Website Design
About & Contact Page Design
Menu or Side Bar Design
Social Media Buttons
Google Analyctics Set Up
Create Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Accounts
Search Engine Optimization


The Deluxe

Want the full package? This package includes:
Web Page Implentation/Set Up
Web Hosting Set Up and Custom URL
Complete Website Design
About, Press, & Contact Page Design
Menu or Side Bar Design
Social Media Buttons
Google Analyctics Set Up
E-Commerce Development
Search Engine Optimization
Send Invoices or Newsletters
Custom Business Email  
Online Booking Available
Accompanying Social Media Platform Accounts Set Up


The Process

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...
Step 1 | Choose Your Package
Review the packages and decide which meets your needs. Any add ons or custom requests available for additional fee.
Fill out Design Form
Create an Inspiration Board on Pinterest and include the link of it on design form
Step 2 | Payment and Communication
 Once I receive your design form, I will reach back with a start date.

Once settled on a date, I will invoice you for payment.

 All payment is due upfront & I will invoice you via PayPal.

 If there’s a wait-list, your payment will reserve the soonest spot available.

 During this time I will send you a welcome letter with further instruction.
Step 3 | Design

 The first step in the design process is a mood board, once I send it your way & get approval I will move forward with the design process.


 The full design process typically takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the size of the project

Throughout this time I will keep you updated on the progress/anything I need from you via e-mail.




Design Form

The Start Up

Don't currently have a website and don't know where to start? This package includes:
Blog Implentation/Set Up
Complete Website Design
About & Contact Page Design
Menu or Side Bar Design
Social Media Buttons
Google Analyctics Set Up


The Small Business

Want to get your small business on the map and expand your sales with an online store? This package includes:
Web Page Implentation/Set Up
Complete Website Design
About, Press, & Contact Page Design
Menu or Side Bar Design
Social Media Buttons
Google Analyctics Set Up
E-Commerce Development
Search Engine Optimization
Custom Business Email  
Send Invoice or Newsletters
Online Booking Available


The Happy Couple

Planning your wedding? Have it all in one place! This package includes:
Custom URL Available
Complete Website Design
Registry Page  Design
Our Story Page Design
Venue Information, Directions, and Map
Accomodations Page
Meet The Wedding Party Page 
Wedding Ceremony and Reception Page
Engagement Photo Gallery Page
Custom Business Email  
A #WeddingHashtag Feed for your friends and family to share their photos from your special day!


The Terms Of Design

The Fine Print

+ The design process cannot begin until your start date & until I have all the information requested from you in the Glitterati Glamour Design Form/welcome letter.


+ When your start date begins, please be prepared. I will be emailing you that day & will need things from you. If I don’t hear from you within 5 days, I will have to push back your start date as I do have multiple clients at one time & clients scheduled.


+ I cannot get started on your site until Glitterati Glamour’s ‘Disclaimer Form’ is signed and sent back to me via e-mail. 


+ Glitterati Glamour is not responsible for the purchase of your domain or hosting. This is solely the responsibility of the client.


+ I do offer my recommendations for domain & hosting providers, but as I am in the business of design, I am not a expert in this field and encourage you to do your own research if you have any concerns.


+ When I complete your mood board, you are entitled to three revisions of the mood board.


+ I encourage your input during the design process, but I also understand opinions can change. Once the site is complete & built to your specifications- I will give you one week to make minor changes. I will not be able to do a complete redesign of any pages/ major elements (i.e. layout). If you want a complete redesign of a page or a logo, you will be subject to an additional cost.


+ As I am a  blog designer, there are some things that just cannot be done. If this is the case I will let you know beforehand. I will use my best & commercially available efforts to provide you with my best work.


+ As I have a busy schedule, I do request that communication is limited to email contact only.


+ I require to have your payment upfront in order to hold your spot.


+ If you decide to independently edit or update the web pages or to hire someone else to make changes to the site after completion, I'm not responsible for any of these changes or if any problems arise.


+ I ask the client to agree to keep all trade secrets provided by Glitterati Glamour confidential.


+ Client agrees to guarantee any creative elements used on their site posted by them is owned by the client. Glitterati Glamour is not held responsible for blog elements furnished by the client. In the same regard, client will hold Glitterati Glamour harmless as well as protect Glitterati Glamour from any claim or suit arising due not legally sourcing any content that is someone else’s.


+ Glitterati Glamour does not guarantee that my services will bring site traffic or business to client’s site.


+ A footer will be added to the bottom of your site stating “Designed by Glitterati Glamour” with a link to my site. I will match the colors to the design of your site. This footer can not be removed as long as you have your design live.


+ When the design is complete, I ask you not to edit any of my images as this could potentially compromise my work.


+ If you wish to have free reign to edit my design I offer the purchase of design rights from me for $250. This fee will make it so you can personally edit any files and remove my footer. In this case, your site will also be removed from my portfolio & I will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise in the future.


+ If I feel that the working relationship between Glitterati Glamour & client is not cohesive to productivity, I do reserve the right to refuse service.


+ I do not offer refunds on completed sites. If the site hasn’t yet been completed and you decide you want to go in another direction, I will refund you 75% of the total amount paid.





Single Strand application is 1 strand of extensions applied. 1 strand of extensions does not  equal 1 strand of hair. This option is normally in bright and fun fashion colors as a pop of color. Also can be a feather extension added. This option is ideal for cheerleaders, sports enthusiasts, bachelorette/birthday parties, and around holidays to celebrate. All colors available as well as custom coloring jobs. This piece will be blended with your hair and will not provide additional length or thickness. 


This option will add either highlights, lowlights, or both to your hair. This is a good option if your hair is compromised and can't handle any chemical coloring; or if you simply do not want to color your actual hair but are still looking for more dimension. It will be about half a head of extensions applied. Other possibilities with this option is to add thickness to your hair, turn an already existing ombre into a balayage look, to aid in growing out asymmetrical haircuts, to turn a classic bob haircut into a graduated bob haircut with additional length in front.


Clip-Ins are a perfect solution to getting long, full hair without commitment! It's the easiest way to get amazing length and volume that you can install yourself.This option will include color matching your hair, fitting your set of clip ins, blending haircut to help your clip in set look the most natural, and styling it for you. Up to 24" lengths ranging from 120 grams to 340 grams per set. Custom coloring is also available for an additional fee. This set is temporary and you must take it out every night. 


This option is a full head of extensions. Add length, thickness, and dimension with this option. Extensions will last 2-6 months depending on the method of extensions applied and your maintence of the hair.  This option can give you a beautiful ombre or balayage color with no damage to your hair. This option can give you that long mermaid hair look. 
  • All Options, with the exception of Option 1, requires a consultation. During that consultation I will color match your hair, measure to see how much hair you require, and determine what method would work best with your hair and your lifestyle. I will not be able to quote you a price without first determinating all that. A 50% down payment is due at the consultation before I order your hair, the other 50% will be paid at application appointment.
  • All the hair extensions are 100% remy human hair. The different types of extensions available are the I-Link Microbeading Method, U-Link Keratin Fusion method, Tape In method, and Weft Beading.
  • I only offer non damaging extensions. I do not offer sewn in, glue in, or cold fusion methods because the health and integrity of my clients hair comes first.
If you are interested in this service