Get The Look: Plum Potion

This is a classic fall makeup look. It is super easy to achieve, and you can use any products you'd like to recreate this look. You will need natural eyeshadow shades, a black eyeliner, some fluffy eyelashes (or mascara,) and a deep lip shade. I did a heavy contour to bring some warmth to my face, otherwise the dark lip makes me look really gothic with my pale complexion.

The products I used:

-Morphe 35o Palette for eyeshadows

- Marc Jacobs Beauty Blacquer Liquid Liner

-House of Lashes Iconic Lash and Black Adhesive

-Anastasia Beverly Hills Potion Lip Gloss

-Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Kit

-Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

-Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector to highlight

-Nars Orgasm Blush

-Urban Decay Setting Spray

Budged Friendly Alternatives:

-NYX Matte Liquid Liner

-Ardel Double Whispey Lashes

-MAC Cyber Lipstick/ NYX Transylvania Soft Matte Lip Cream

-NYX Contour kit

-Milani Eyebrow Cream

-A shimmery pearl eyeshadow shade to highlight

I know A lot of my products not everyone can afford, but I tend to use the same products every day. I will write a future post on my everyday products I think are worth the investment and you can build a kit similar to mine to achieve the same looks. I will also be including some budget friendlier alternatives in my posts from now on as well. I try to stick with mid-range brands, not too high end and not too many drug store products. (Although the drugstore has some hidden gems that outshine some of the most expensive makeup brands.) Anyways, continuing on now.

-Start out cleaning up your brows first as always.

-Find a neutral shade to smoke out your crease in a natural buff tone.

-Shade your lid with a shadow matching your skin tone.

*If you are a beginner, or haven't mastered a winged eye yet here are some cheat tips*

- Apply tape to outer corner of eye at an upwards angle

- Trace a straight line along the tape extending out about half your eye length towards your temple

- With your eye half closed, about 1/4th inch down from the end of your line, draw a line back towards your lashes in a diagonal triangle shape.

- Line the rest of your lid

- Go back in and thicken the line towards the outer part of your eye blending it into the wing you previously drew

- Remove Tape and you have a clean crisp line

-I finish the rest of my face before continuing with my eyes

-Apply your foundation/concealer

-Set it with a setting powder (I use Ben Nye Neutral Set.) The reason you do this is to make blending the powder contour easier. You want to work with the same textures when blending. So if you are working with liquids or creams, do all that work first, then set with powder before finishing with powder contour, highlight, and blushes. Otherwise if you go in with a powder contour on liquid foundation it will not budge from where you first applied it, and will be very difficult to blend.

-Start your contouring/ face shaping

*Contour Tips*

-Apply yellow shade under eyes to counteract dark circles and brighten up the face. Yellow fights the purple tones because they are opposite on the color wheel. This is called color correcting. It is similar to using green concealer on red skin and zits.

-Go in with cool taupe shade and carve out cheek bones

- I suck in my cheeks and have a fish look going on while i shade in the hollows under my cheekbones blending the powder back up

-If the dark gets too low you can look like you're sporting a beard.

-If you already went too dark or low, clean up the bottom of your cheek contour with the light cream colored shadow to lighten up your accidental 5 O'clock shadow.

-If you have a larger forehead, contour where it is bigger. So if it is tall apply dark contour blended into your hairline to shrink the appearance, If it's wide shade the wider portions.

-I have a very weak chin/over bite combo that can look like an "at risk double chin" if I look down just because of my bone structure, not even weight related. I used my contour to hide that by marking two dark spots on each side of my chin directly under the corners of my mouth. I blend it down and under my chin as well. The dark reduces and recedes features so the shadow makes my chin appear more prominent and pointy.

-I also obviously contour my nose. I've been teased for my big polish nose my whole life, and never accepted it until I started modeling. I realized it made me unique, and different , and therefore more desireable. I do two dark lines on the top of my nose and under the tip that blend into under my eyebrows. I do these on the top of my nose instead of darkening the sides completely because you want to change and manipulate the shadows. In order to make it appear like my nose is narrower, I need to lighten up where the natural shadow lies with a mix of the yellow and cream colored powders. Finish it off with a light sweep of the light shades down the center of my nose as well before blending. By moving and recreating the natural shadows closer together, and eliminating the original shadows having them light up to blend as if its all cheeks still, it creates the look of a narrower nose. Hope that makes sense.

-Highlight the cheekbones with some shimmer to draw light to the high points

-Blend your contour and highlight together with a blush instead of applying it on apple of cheeks so it adds to slimming the face.

-Now that I am finished with powders, I move on to apply my lashes. If I apply my lashes before doing the powder work, they can act as a shelf for excess powder and it is harder to get that off once they're on.

-You can view how my chin looks more prominent in this shot and can see the dark contour of my chin on the left side.

-After applying lashes, go back through and trace the band with your liner to blend the line seamlessly for the most natural look.

-I also apply a coat of mascara only to my real lashes in an attempt to glue them to the bottom of my falsies so you don't see two different layers of lashes. You can apply mascara to your falsies but you can't reuse the as many times if you do.

-Lastly I applied my lip color.

-The reason I do this last is because I have a lip treatment or a balm on my lips all throughout the rest of my makeup to prep them.

-I wear a lot of matte lip colors and any dry chapped lips will look terrible. So I got in the habit of prepping my lips during my routine and having plump, moisturized lips by the time I get to them.

-If my face is looking cakey, I spray it with Mac Fix + first to blend and refresh all the layers together into a more natural looking finish.

-Then I set my face with Urban Decay Deslick Setting Spray. I use this one over the Up All Night because I get warm very easily and don't want to sweat off my look.

-Not personally recommended because the high alcohol content in it is very drying to the skin, but drag queens and anyone in a pinch have been known to use hairspray as a setting spray. It is effective but remember to moisturize afterwards to replenish moisture to the skin.

I will be on vacation in Texas to have Thanksgiving with my boyfriends family by the time this article goes live, but please comment on home page what your thoughts are, and any looks you want me to do, or a makeup issue you need help with.


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