How To Use A Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge + Hacks to get the most out your Beauty Blender

I want to talk about one magic little tool that REVOLUTIONIZED the way we apply makeup. I want to quickly go over some basics in terms of the Beauty Blender. I will also go over the difference in their products, and which one is right for you. At the end of the article I will also share Beauty Blender Hacks, and ways to use it that you would have never imagined. Alright Glam's, it's timed to get schooled in Beauty Blenders.

What is a Beauty Blender?

A Beauty Blender is an incomparable tool in your makeup collection. It applies your foundation better than any brush I’ve ever used and gives you that coveted airbrush look. You actually wet it before using it, and it has patented technology in it so it absorbs water instead of your products. It has no edges so it will have flawless blending that won’t leave any lines or streaks. , It is also egg shaped for maximum convenience applying to any area of the face. I use the large surface of the bottom to apply my primers and foundations, and the pointed tip at the top to blend my undereye concealer and to set it with powder.

This tool is a does-it-all-one-stop-shop that not only created it’s own category in the makeup world, but has continued to stay the best. None of the knockoffs or dupes even come close to working like The Beauty Blender does. If you ever heard anyone complain about using a “Beauty Blender” is because they are just using a cheapy makeup sponge that they are calling a Beauty Blender. Just save your time and money and go with the original in the first place. You will be blown away I promise.

How to use a Beauty Blender?

To use a Beauty Blender, wet it with either water, makeup setting spray, Beauty Blender’s Reaactivate Spray, MAC Fix+, or any other type of makeup enhancing liquids. The best bet is typically just water. Run the beauty blender under warm ish water and squeeze it as you do so it can absorb as much as possible and really plump up.It actually absorbs up to 2x its size when it's wet and then shrinks back down when it dries. MAGIC! Now that your Beauty Blender is nice and soaked, squeeze like 90% of that excess water out of it. To use it you want it to be damp.

Now that it is the perfect wetness, it will ensure your product sits on top of it instead of absorbing it. Now you have a few different options for what you want to use it for. For the sake of this article let’s go with the basic applying your foundation.

If you are using a liquid foundation, squirt a few drops onto the back of your hand, dip your beauty blender into the foundation, and start dabbing it all over your face. To get the airbrushed look that made the Beauty Blender famous, use a stippling motion while doing this so it is applying and blending in 1 step. Voila!

How do I know which Beauty Blender to use?

The Beauty Blender has grown so much in popularity that the company itself has expanded as well. Now they have The Original (which is the hot pink one,) The Pro (which is the black one,) The Pure (which is the white one,) The Nude (which is obviously the nude one,) The Minis (these are green but also like 1/4th the size of the others,) and The Body Blender (which is for applying faux tans and other body work.) They have a few other colors as well like a purple and a red one, as well as 4 mini color correcting shades. More into detail with each product below.

The Original

This is the famous OG hot pink high definition sponge. You can use this for everything from Primers, Foundations, Powders, Cream Blushes/Contours, and any other complexion product. You are supposed to wash your Beauty Blender after every use and replace it after 3 months. No one really listens to that though because

these little buggers are expensive and if it doesn’t have tears in it and I take care of it, I am going to use it until it dies. Because most people follow my mindset when it comes to this, or don’t wash it as often as recommended, these are prone to staining from your makeup.

The Pro

This is the exact same sponge as The Original but in “the pro favored black color.” I suspect this is to hide how the hot pink one shows stains and when using the same

tool on many clients obviously sanitation is incredibly important, and even just an unsightly stain that is properly sanitized can turn clients off. They recommend to use darker toned products, long wear makeup, and self tanners with this sponge. I have both and to me they are the same just less stains which doesn't matter for personal use. Anyways moving on..

The Pure

This is a newer product from Beauty Blender. This is the white one you will see. This is their skin care related beauty blender.

This is a dye free version and is also recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. I do see why this would be a good idea to use with skin care products for maximum coverage and absorption of the products. Use with complexion products, serums, eye treatments, moisturizers, makeup removers, and any other skincare product.

The Nude

Same Beauty Blender just in a nude color. This sponge is marketed towards anyone into natural looks and “no makeup looks.”

I see no reason to purchase this one in addition to what I already own, and the flesh toned isn’t too appealing to me. I guess it's just personal color preference.

The Royal and Red Carpet

These are the purple and red Beauty Blenders. Once again, these are no different except for color preference. These are also limited edition.

The Micro.Mini

These little nuggets are 1/4th the size of the other sponges. These are targeted towards using in small hard to reach areas such as the under eyes, inner eye corners, lids, brow bones, sides of nose, tops of cheeks, and acne spots. I have these as well and don’t think they are worth it. In fact they are a little too small to be convenient at all and I will stick to using the point on my Original and Pro blenders to reach these areas.


Ever since color correcting blew up, companies have been jumping on the bandwagon making products that people will think they need in order to look flawless. These are the same as the Micro.Mini size wise, but instead of coming in lime green shade, they are a green shade, a light orange shade, a pink shade, and a light purple shade. These are meant to go with each of the color corresponding concealers/primers you would to color correct in super small places again. Once again I personally do not believe this particular product is necessary because they are just too small. Maybe if these had actual concealers in them that blended you out amazing instead of just being the color of color correcting products I would be sold.

The Body Blender

This is the bigger sponge meant for use on your body instead of your face. Like I mentioned earlier, this is for a streakless self tanner or applying/blending any body painting. I have not personally used it but have heard people say great things about using it to apply self tanner. I am a pale ghost and would look super orange with self tanner so I can’t try it out to see how I feel on the subject.

Those are all of the Beauty Blender makeup type sponges listed above. Based off this information I am sure you can make an informed decision on which one you’ll want to purchase.

My Beauty Blender can do whaaaaaaa?!?

Here are a few of my favorite little tips and tricks to get the most use out of your Beauty Blenders because hey, $20 is a lot to spend on A FREAKING SPONGE. None of the knockoffs come close to the actual Beauty Blender in terms of how well they work, so I will continue to buy my expensive sponges until I die.

A dry Beauty Blender can help erase makeup if you’ve made a mistake.

A damp one can also work to wipe away your oopsies, but the dry one works much better. A few ways a Beauty Blender has saved the day is if I get any shadow fall out under my eyes or anywhere on my face. Just wipe it away with a Beauty Blender and doesn’t disturb the rest of my face. It also saved me that time my contour blended too low and I was looking like I was sporting a 5:00 shadow. If you apply too much blush you can use it to remove some of that color and to soften it.

Set your concealer and bake with a Beauty Blender.

I know a lot of people use the same damp one to pack on any powder to bake, but I prefer a dry one for powder in this case. Keeps me nice and creaseless in my wrinkly eye bags. See how I bake here.

Remove makeup and deodorant stains from clothes.

This one is huge for me because I seem to always get makeup or deodorant on my clothes. I can’t ever seem to throw away my old Beauty Blenders so I find ways to repurpose them. This has been one of my favorite discoveries in terms of recycling my beauty blender.

Create Ombre Nail Art and Glitter Ombre Nails

Like I just mentioned, I can’t bear the thought of tossing one of these suckers away once they start to tear a little or get gross stains. You can repurpose these to create ombre nail designs. I like to create ombre glitter designs on my tips using an old Beauty Blender.

I hope this covered any questions you had about Beauty Blenders, if not please leave me any questions, or what you want to see next in the comments down below. If you liked this article, please share and subscribe/comment below. You can also follow me on my other accounts down below. Basically everything you need is below this article. Have a Glam Day beauties! Xoxo

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