What are Oval Brushes?

Oval Brushes are the newest revolutionary beauty tool to hit the market. What is it that makes them so incredible though? Why do some cost upwards of $90 per brush? These are not your typical looking makeup brushes because they are designed to work on yourself instead of on others/clients. The design is inspired by brushes from the past. Some say they look like hairbrushes or toothbrushes.

These brushes have 3x-10x the amount of individual fibers as a conventional brush. The brush density coupled with the face they are synthetic hair, means the brushes don't absorb much of the product, to give the best product/color pay off. Synthetic bristles also means they are cruelty free and more sanitary.

They blend liquid, cream, and even some powder products like a dream and speed up the application time by minutes. To use these just apply the product to skin in circular motions similar to using a kabuki brush. Oval brushes are so soft, and feel so luxurious on the face. I was sent this set from My Makeup Brush Set but other popular brands are Artis and Mac.

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