Facial Mapping

Chinese Medicine goes back thousands of years. Before we had advanced medical technology to determine the cause of health issues, the Chinese cracked the code. The body is made up of complex systems that all work together. They found out just by looking at your face, what the underlying issues are.


I break out here all the time around my time of the month. Any issues here are almost always caused by hormones imbalanced, stress, and gynecological problems.


The nose is typically always related with the heart. If you notice problems in this area it might be the first sign of an underlying heart issue. A reddened nose can also be caused by high blood pressure.

Eyes (undereyes):

Really deep eye bags and dark undereye circles are mainly attributed to lack of sleep. They are also hereditary. If you notice a change in them though, or they get worse, it could have something to do with your kidneys. Your dark circles will get made worse by dehydration and poor elimination.

Between Brows:

If you are breaking out in between your eyebrows or generally experiencing any other issues in this area, it is related to your liver. This could be either too much alcohol, rich foods, or a food allergy such as lactose intolerance.


If you are having any skin issues or breakouts on your forehead it could just be if you have bangs and sweat a lot. Otherwise it is related to your bladder and digestive system. To clear up this area improve your pooping, drink more water, and eat more "whole" foods.


Mainly issues dealing with the cheeks are related to the lungs. It could be a sign of respiratory distress, smokers, or people with allergies and asthma. It can also be a result of dirt getting trapped in pores from a dirty cellphone or pillowcase.

Facial mapping is not an exact science. Do not take this over medical advice from a doctor. If you think you have a serious medical issue please see a professional. I hope this helps anyone who was curious about this. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Stay Glam, Stay Golden.

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